Christmas Secret Sentence Worksheets

Holiday activities are always a lot of fun simply because they mean that Christmas is on its way.

And with Christmas being such a kid-friendly holiday, it makes sense that it’s a childhood favorite.

But holiday activities are some of the easiest to add an educational aspect to!

Take these Christmas secret sentence worksheets for example.

Your kindergartners are going to work on beginning sounds, handwriting skills, and more all while getting into the Christmas spirit!

Secret Sentence Christmas Worksheets for Kindergartners

Decoding the Secret Christmas Sentences

We love decoding activities like this and in the past, have put on our detective hats and decoded CVC words many times.

And these secret Christmas sentences work much the same way.

Your students will use their knowledge of beginning sounds to decode each of the sentences.

The differences between these and the CVC words that we’ve done in the past though are that these are much longer (way more than single three letter word) and they’re entirely Christmas themed!

Down to the pictures that your kindergartner will use to figure out the beginning sounds, it’s all Christmas!

Decoding Secret Christmas Sentences

Secret Christmas Sentences for Kindergartners

Included in this set, you’ll find three secret sentence worksheets with different decodable sentences on each one.

You’ll also find three separate worksheets with the answers already filled in so you can use these as your answer keys.

Your kindergartners will need to determine the beginning sound for each Christmas picture, write the letter in the box directly above the picture and then, when they’re finished, write the full Christmas sentence in the spaced provided at the top of the worksheet.

Other Ways to Use the Christmas Secret Sentence Worksheets

While these no prep worksheets are perfect for early finishers or for at home practice entirely on their own, they’d also make an excellent addition to your classroom’s literacy center!

Laminate the pages and pair them with a dry erase marker and some magnetic letters or even some printable letter tiles and your students can reuse them over and over again!

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