Kindergarten Christmas Addition Worksheets

If you’ve ever worked on addition with a kindergartner, you know that its one of those concepts that require a lot of practice.

It takes a lot of time and patience, but mastering the concept of addition is vital to their future success in math.

And while math isn’t one of those subjects that most students are super excited about, there are ways to make it a lot more fun. These Christmas addition worksheets for kindergartners are just one of them!

Printable Christmas Addition Worksheets for Kindergartners

Christmas Kindergarten Math Worksheets

With the holiday season coming in right in the middle of the school year, and closing out the first semester, it’s easy for everyone, students, teachers, and homeschoolers alike, to find it harder to focus as they start looking forward to the upcoming break.

But math concepts, especially those as foundational as addition, are vital to your students future success.

It sets the stage for them to be able to learn things like multiplication and division and makes it possible for them to work with money in their daily lives.

And as the holiday season rolls around, it only makes sense to make their addition practice Christmas themed!

Not only does it make working on those addition problems a whole lot more fun, but it also keeps them engaged during those last few days before the holiday break.

Christmas Addition Practice for Kindergarten

Christmas Addition Worksheets

These black and white Christmas addition worksheets are no prep, saving you time and energy throughout the busy holiday season.

And not only will your students get to practice both counting and addition as they count the Christmas-themed objects and solve the equations, but they’ll also have the opportunity to color and decorate the page however they’d like when they’re all done with the math portion.

Kindergarten Christmas Addition Practice

On each of these Christmas addition worksheets, your students will count each of the Christmas themed items including bows, presents, gingerbread men, stockings, elves, and even Santa, write the number for each group in the box provided, and then finally, solve the equation by finding the sum of the two groups.

The final page in this set removes one group of items and replaces it with a number to give them the opportunity to practice counting on as well, but across all three worksheets, they’ll work on sums to 10.

Kindergarten Addition Practice Worksheets for Christmas

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