Parts of a Pumpkin Worksheet

Celebrate the fall season while learning about the different parts of a pumpkin with this parts of a pumpkin worksheet!

Whether you’re working with younger students and building out a preschool pumpkin theme or you’re looking for a fall-themed pumpkin activity for your kindergarten classroom, this pumpkin science activity is the perfect way to do it!

Celebrate the fall season while learning about the different parts of a pumpkin with this no prep kindergarten parts of a pumpkin worksheet!

Kindergarten Parts of a Pumpkin Worksheet

This worksheet is absolutely perfect for a pumpkin investigation as kids will need to identify and label the different parts of the pumpkin, both inside of the pumpkin and out.

This not only gives your students the opportunity to work on their vocabulary and handwriting skills, but if you add a few real pumpkins that you can cut in half, they’ll get some excellent hands-on exploration as well!

Yes, they’ve probably made their own jack o’ lanterns in the past around the Halloween holiday, but getting to do their own pumpkin dissection would really make this a memorable activity.

They’ll be able to see, first hand, all of the parts that are included on this worksheet:

  • stem
  • seed
  • blossom end
  • fibrous strands
  • tendril
  • leaf
  • pulp (or flesh)
  • skin (or rind)

On this worksheet, each of the pumpkin parts are listed in the word bank found on the bottom of the page and your little learners will need to label each of the parts by writing the correct word.

Printable Parts of a Pumpkin Worksheet

When they’re all done labeling the pumpkin, bust out the crayons or the markers and let your students work on their fine motor skills as they color the pumpkins on their worksheet.

Pumpkin Fun for Preschool and Kindergarten

This simple parts of a pumpkin worksheet makes a fantastic addition to an all about pumpkins unit that would be absolutely perfect for the fall months!

Some of our favorite pumpkin themed activities include taking a field trip out to the pumpkin patch, planning out some pumpkin art projects or a few pumpkin crafts, learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin with a pumpkin life cycle file folder game, trying out some pumpkin-themed science experiments, and even making our own printable parts of a pumpkin book that can help us complete a worksheet like this.

You can also add some pumpkin themed books to your classroom bookshelf and find some fun pumpkin songs and videos to play for your young learners.

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