Long A Worksheets for Kindergarteners

For a kindergartener, learning vowel sounds can be tricky at the best of times.

These simple letters make multiple sounds and can do so in multiple ways.

Take a look at the long A sound, for example.

This is just one sound for one vowel, but there are several different ways to make the long A sound and even more ways to spell it.

Mastering it, like everything else for a kindergartener, requires a lot of practice and these long A worksheets are perfect for that!

Learning long vowel sounds requires a bit of practice and these no prep long A worksheets are the perfect way to get your kindergarteners practicing the various ways to make that long A sound!

Long A Practice for Kindergarteners

This set of no prep long A worksheets includes five different printable worksheets for practice.

The first is a long and short sound cut and paste activity that you can use with your kindergarteners to ensure that they can correctly identify and use the sounds.

The second covers that magic silent E that you find in those VCe and a_e words.

Long A Word Practice Worksheets

Your students will need to look at each picture and write that long A word in the space provided.

The final three are matching worksheets covering the vowel teams AI and AY as well as open syllables. With these, your students will simply read the long A words and draw a line to connect each one to the correct picture.

All five of these long A worksheets print in black and white and are entirely no prep on your part saving you time, money, and effort!

Just print them out and your students are ready to practice the long A vowel sound!

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